Tina & Bubba Hatcliff

Our background is like many, I went to college graduated and got a good job but the more I made the more hours I worked and I was totally married to the job and no other life.  Happily married to Bubba and 6 months pregnant I quit....I said I only get 1 chance at raising our child and I walked away from 15 years!!!  I was making more than Bubba but we survived and I never once regretted it, although I became a good coupon shopper.  Then I went to a wrap party and said WOW if I can see results in 45 minutes and it's that cheap, I can sell this and make our house payment!!!  Who would have ever guessed that 2 1/2 years later, we would shut down Bubba's business of 25+ years!  Yes we did and now our life .....Freedom, Fun and totally Debt Free because of that Crazy Wrap Thing!  Now we get paid to wear green and help people get healthy and get Debt Free...are you next?

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